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McAbee Fabricates Industrial Vessels of ALL Sizes, Complexity, and with U & R CODE STAMPS. The largest pressure vessel McAbee produced was a 34 foot diameter Monel-clad unit that weighed in at 450,000 pounds.

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McAbee's fabrication facility is one of the finest and largest in the Southeastern United States. Our trained workforce and modern equipment allows us to produce high quality products while giving customers the service they need.

McAbee's craftsmen have developed more than 145 welding procedures for all types of metals. Our large bay has over 34' under hook and the capabilities of lifting up to 100 tons. McAbee fabricates tanks as large as 23' in diameter or lengths of up to 230'.

McAbee can fabricate vessels with materials such as Carbon Steel or exotic metals such as Titanium. McAbee uses a state-of-the-art C.N.C. Esab cutting machine that penetrates up to 2 inches with alloy materials and 8 inches with carbon steel. In addition to the burning machine, McAbee also has in-house plate rolls and a 250 ton pressbrake.

McAbee Fabricates A Wide Range of Vessels

Heat Exchangers
Jackets Tanks
Distillation Tanks
Pressure Vessels
A.P.I. Tanks
R.I.S. Tanks
Process Equipment


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