McABEE CONSTRUCTION, INC. | Full Service Industrial Contractor & Fabricator

McAbee Construction Inc. is a Uniquely-Equipped
and Professionally-Staffed Specialty Contractor with Extensive
Project Experience in All Areas of Industrial Construction, Fabrication,
Modular Assemblies, and Plant Maintenance.

"Its Five-Decades-Strong Reputation for Superior Safety, Quality, and Productivity is an Industrial-Strength Dealmaker"

McAbee is a full-service general contractor providing heavy industrial maintenance, repair, and construction to the power, automotive, paper & pulp, steel, refineries, and chemical industries


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Industrial Construction,
Fabrication, Logistics,
& Installations at
Project Sites

The McAbee Pipe & Vessel Product Line & Specialties include Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Alloy Pipe Fabrication, Rubber Lined, Jacketed Piping, Large Diameter Duct, "PP" Code Authorization, Heavy Wall Fabrication, and Shutdown Deliveries


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ASME Code Alterations,
Fabrication, & Repairs
by Highly-Trained &
Safety-Conscious Craftspeople

Modular units produced by McAbee include fabrication and erection of vessels, heat exchangers, piping and structure steel, as well as pumps, motors and specialty equipment, and complete assembly of small bore piping, instrumentation and electrical systems


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Transforming Heavy Industrial Concepts
Into Modularized
Processes for More
Than 40 Years

McAbee Plant Maintenance is a highly trained workforce which comes properly equipped with modern tools and equipment. McAbee Plant Maintenance provides industry with superior solutions for emergency and planned shutdowns, turnarounds, and outages of all kinds.


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Plant Maintenance
Performed by a Highly Trained Workforce
Equipped with Modern
Tools & Equipment

McAbee has a wide-range of crane rental services to meet all your construction needs. All McAbee Crane Rentals include fully certified operators experienced in each crane's operation, load limits, and maintenance schedule. The McAbee Crane fleet ranges in size from 18 to 275 ton units and lift trucks from 14 to 25 ton units.

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Modern Fleet of Rental
Cranes Maintained &
Operated by Certified/

  2012 McAbee Construction of Tuscaloosa, Alabama USA Video as seen on YouTube contact Matt Channell or Mike Copeland for used industrial cranes  
  At McAbee Construction, we are compassionate about supporting community activities which enrich and benefit others. We believe that volunteering our people and resources improves the physical well-being of our neighbors and community--and creates a more cohesive and vibrant environment where families thrive.
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